March-April 2015

Hi Everyone

While I’ve been in New Zealand sleeping in and having roast lamb for tea, Empowerasia leaders and kids have been very busy!

11159250_10205066407832570_1756999318_oPart time teachers

Four of our senior kids went to work in a summer school/ kindergarten in Central Thailand, employed as assistant teachers.

It was a great opportunity for them each to grow and become more independent. I purposely sent some of my quieter, confident girls so they would have a chance to see that they are capable and do have ability and gifting.










Vanguard Missions Outreach

From 3-11 April, a team from churches in Canada came on a missions outreach trip. They come every year, and help local ministry outreach into the community. This year our kids were able to assist as translators, helpers, small group leaders and more, as well as get over their fears of speaking with foreigners!

11091282_10205023534840772_1555891317_n (1)















Youth Camp

This weekour kids are at a Christian camp for young people where they are learning to prepare and lead worship- Our kids are learning that the most important ingredient in being in the worshipteam of a church is not your musical ability, but your prayerfulness and approach to leading others in worshipping our God.

Lily was just telling me that she was so proud to see Nantana, who struggles to keep a beat and can’t sing in tune, step up and lead worship effectively. She learnt that being the leader doesn’t mean she has to have professional music skills, but that it’s about teamwork and humility to God!



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