Hi everyone

Last Friday all the kids all came back from holiday, and we welcomed the new girls and boys who are coming to live with us. 3 new boys and seven (7!!) new girls. That brings the total number of boys and girls to 20.


Our Year 7+8 girls, from left to right: Urn, Jaew-waew, Prang (in front), Mameaw and Mint


Year 10 and 11 girls: Lek, Fa and Dua-lek


The little girls enjoying a game of Settlers of Catan. (Didn’t take them long to get used to life in our house!)


Girls singing and chatting in one of the bedrooms.

We have taken in seven new girls this year, from a range of different places and ages. The first two days were pretty quiet, with everyone getting used to living in such a big house with so many people! But it hasn’t taken  long for them to start being themselves. It’s been great to see them coming out of their shells a bit, and start making jokes and getting along.

There are three new boys, one in year 7 and the other two are year 10 and 11. Two boys didn’t show up, and we can’t get hold of them! (The Thai way to tell us they’ve changed their minds about coming).

So this brings us to 8 boys and 12 girls, which is a nice number for this year. We don’t aim for quantity, but rather quality, spending time with each child, building them up in the kingdom of God.

Today was the first time at our church for our new kids, and many made renewed commitments to God. We prayed for each of them and I feel that it was a great time of coming into the family of God. We are so blessed with such a caring and nurturing church- many older members act like second mothers and grandmothers to our girls and boys, its a real blessing for these kids.

Any teacher will tell you the first few days of term are sweet, and then the honeymoon period is over! Although I know each of these kids come to us with his or her own pain and hurts, I believe God has called us in Empower Asia to bring healing and breakthrough in their lives!

I am constantly aware of the power of your prayers backing up what we are doing in the spirit. We are not battling with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers. We need your prayer support!

If you are interested in supporting us as a prayer partner, please e-mail me and let me know. A prayer partner is someone who is committed to intercede daily for us.

God bless from Khon Kaen, Thailand!

Jamie and Lily

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