Hi folks

Since the last update, we’ve welcomed a new girl into our home (that’s her second from the right). Her name is Fern, is 14 years old and comes from sourthern Esarn, which is one of the poorest parts of Thailand. A lot of our girls come from this part of Thailand, and speak the local language which is a form of Cambodian. Lily also comes from ‘down south,’ and she and the girls occasionally natter away in Cambodian to each other.


We’ve also gained a new boy in the boys home, which brings our number of kids up to 9 boys and 13 girls. Our new boy is incredibly tall, which is great news for the school basketball team. The boys we have brought in this year are all quite strong academically and are intelligent, thinking young people. We are pretty excited about how we can bring them up to their full potential in God!

Here are some pictures of our new boys this year:

11348698_10205333408267414_2027736459_o 11328142_10205333437468144_2109617554_o 11288507_10205333408107410_630658808_o 11273534_10205333408227413_1588014967_o

Three of our older girls and one of our boys are class representatives- a big responsibility involving the class budget, handling and accounting for money during school events, as well as delegating and leading the class during school activities. Our kids (both boys and girls) are often persuaded by their friends as well as the teachers to take on this role because of their maturity, problem solving skills as well as their honesty in handling money. I told the girls this brings huge glory to God, when His people are trusted to carry out leadership duties because of their integrity.

Thanks for your prayer and financial support, we really appreciate it! Keep praying.. .we are seeing results.

Pray for:

  • Additional Leaders: one or two young Thai adults (25-30 y/o) who can join us in the ministry. We want to open a new home for Primary aged girls or boys. We have the buildings ready, but it has been very hard to find people with a true heart for ministry. Pray God sends the right people along.
  • School Blues: Some of our new girls are being bullied at school. Pray for them to be strong and for our girls to support each other. Our girls are a pretty tight network, and they do look out for one another, but high school is still high school, and it can be really tough, especially if you’re a Christian and don’t go along with the cultural norm!
  • University Girls: Our two recent graduates are working right now, saving money for when they start university in a month or two. They are helping out at a kindergarten, cleaning, cooking, showering and some teaching. They have something like 12-13 hour days and are exhausted by the end as you can imagine! One rang me up yesterday and started crying, because she can’t handle it any more. Please pray for them to feel God’s presence with them every morning, and to learn to live on God’s energy, not their own. The work they are doing will give them so many skills, and particularly for Nantana, the confidence and belief in herself. (Because if they can get through two months of this, they can do anything!)

Bonus Video!

Each year level of junior high has to learn a different national or religious song on the recorder. These girls are our year one (year 8 NZ equivalent) students showing of their new recorders. I made a short video to show them practising. I’ll let  you be the judge of their talent!

God bless you all,

Jamie, Lily, Nicom and Larkana


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