Hi everyone,

This morning we dropped all the kids off at the bus station to send them home for a 5 day holiday! It’s a Buddhist holiday in Thailand and schools are closed for a few days. A good chance for me to reflect on the last few months and let you know what we’ve been up to. Family life has settled down into it’s regular routines and life is (well, as much as can be in a house full of teenage girls) pretty normal.

20150605_182258 20150605_182355

One afternoon (yes, only once! We aren’t the fittest family) we went for a run. I think taking all the photos took longer than  the actual run. All the girls, from the youngest to the oldest, get on well together and often talk and play together. It’s great to see them teaching each other guitar and helping the younger ones with their difficult math homework!

20150613_104703 20150613_111503

Our boys and girls lead the worship at our city’s youth event during June 2015. Our kids are not only very musically talented, but have the right attitude and heart for worship. I feel really proud of them when I see them grow in confidence using their gifts. When there are youth events and camps, our kids are often very involved in leadership- And they are such good kids, really good role models for younger teenagers from other churches.

20150613_111610 20150706_184310

Lily and I recently went to Cambodia for a very short visit to attend our friend’s wedding. We got to meet the leaders of the Empower Asia Cambodia Girl’s home in Phnom Penh. They were really lovely and we were sad that we could only spend one morning with them- so Lily and I plan to go back again in the near future! The lady in the yellow shirt and the stripe shirt are our house mothers, the girl in the skirt is one of our older girls at university, and that’s Lily on the right.

Because Lily comes from the part of Thailand right on the border with Cambodia, she grew up speaking the Cambodian language. Although her dialect and that of Phnom Penh differ slightly, It wouldn’t take long for Lily to be able to communicate fluently with those in the city. I on the other hand…. found it an incredibly strange experience to be so powerless, unable to communicate with anyone! Although Cambodia and Thailand are very similar in many ways, they still feel like quite different places to me. It would be great if our kids in Thailand (especially our Khmer-speaking ones) got the chance to meet the kids in Cambodia one day.

Right now it’s the rainy season for us here in Thailand. so it is pouring down with heavy rain most days. But clothes won’t wash themselves! Here are some of the girls washing their clothes after school, outside in the rain. Couldn’t do that in Dunedin!


And here is a puzzle for you: if you came to an intersection with this traffic light, what would YOU do??



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