Hi everyone

It’s been exactly a year since our last post. This is for various reasons, some of which I want to talk about here.

During December 2015, We parted ways with our Boys house parents, Pastors Lak and Nikhom. Because of various differences and ideas about our vision of how the homes should be run and how the kids should be looked after, the board asked them to resign at the end of March 2016 (the end of the Academic school year here in Thailand).

Unfortunately, there was a lot happening that we were not aware of, and during December, they contacted the families of the boys and some of the girls to inform them that they would be opening their own mixed boys and girls home at our Church, which they are the pastors of.

This caused a lot of confusion for the boys, as well as our girls, who had a lot of pressure on them to join the Pastors in breaking out of our ministry. Lak and Nikhom kicked us out of the church, and ended my role as elder in the church.

We have had a very rough last few months, with no church, no friends and seemingly no options.


The Future
Through a lot of prayer, we are beginning to come through this difficult time. We no longer have a boys home, but our girls home is still going strong! We took in 4 new girls starting high school and moved into the big old boys house that our organisation built 20 years ago.

We have been worshipping together as a family as well as going out to visit small house churches around Northeastern Thailand. We want to focus on outreach into the local villages. We want to make a positive impact on the poorer villages in our area. Our girls are excited to prepare games and activities for village kids on weekends and join in with some local missions in the area

New Local Board

We have rebuilt our Thai board to help govern our work here. Two of the members are men who grew up in our boys home. Another member is our old girls house mother and our newest member is a long time supporter of Empower Asia and missionary in Khon Kaen.

Endings and Beginnings

For me, as well as Empowerasia Thailand, this must go down as one of the most difficult years we’ve faced, but sometimes God allows us to face a difficult situation in order to rescue us from a more sinister one looming in the distance. I believe God is telling us it’s time to look at who we are and where God wants us to go today.

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